Wirreecoo Wildflower Garden

The original garden started by the Nowra Group in 1985, was known as the Lady   Denman Garden or the Husky Garden.

Competition for scarce water resources from many trees on sloping clay ground made the choice of site questionable.

The disastrous bushfires of Christmas 2001 saw the garden almost destroyed. Although some plants survived and        regenerated strongly most were wiped out.

Badly damaged trees had to be removed thus allowing more sunlight to enter the    garden area.

A positive outcome of the fire was the chance to rethink and revamp. A mounded garden was formed to display plants at their best and catch much needed water.

A garden theme was adapted  “Linking   Local Flora to Fauna“ to highlight local wildlife’s dependence on local plants.

A decision was made to give the Garden its own name and in 2003 it was renamed “Wirreecoo Wildflower Garden”.

The Nowra Group continues to maintain the garden with working bees.